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There is a EcoAirflow air filtration unit to meet your needs!

ECOairflow DYNAMO Residential Furnace Filter System




Best quality American Made weave bonded 16.5 gr. furnace filter media fits the following brands of filters exactly:

CIMATEC Airscreen 1000 & Aircleen 1500
ECOairflow DYNAMO improved replacement filter media pads with a lower pressure drop! Also fits Dynamic® & Micropower Guard® filters.
ECOairflow improved replacement filter media pads with a lower pressure drop for Electrobreeze!
Respicaire  Totaline Star CG  Sears Kenmore®  ToxBox

More Furnace Filter Choices

More Choices in Replacement Filter Media Pads!

Plus 20% off on 3 packs of filter media!


Complete Model 1500 home air filter system with a Model 6000 air filter booster and a one year supply of filter media free. SPECIAL PRICE $349.95!

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