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ECOairflow Model 2300Formerly the AIRSCREEN 2300.


Mother Nature's Technology......Indoors



Panel units are designed to create filter arrays for any building air intake or HVAC application.

Model 2300 Brochure The model 7000 booster works with the Model 2300 Model 7000 Brochure

The ECOairflow Model 2300 is a 2 carbon filament style electronic air cleaner. It is intended for commercial use in applications where the airflow rate is typically 500 FPM. It can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with other products to meet specific application criteria.

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ETL CertifiedETL Ceritified!


Carbon filament technology delivers a better charge to the glass fiber media than center screen style filters without sacrificing any efficiency. In fact, the 2300 typically has a lower pressure drop than most center screen style filters.

Features of the Model 2300 include:

Effectively traps airborne particles as small as .007 microns in size. Passive (non-powered) filters typically are not effective below .3 microns.

Low pressure drop. The better the static pressure rating, the lower the HVAC energy costs are.

Available in a variety of configurations to suit various application requirements.

The filter can be combined with other filters such as carbon filters, HEPA filters and ion generators such as our own ECOairflow Model 7000 to address specific filtration requirements.

Tandem hookup (standard)  allows banking of multiple filters from a single power source.

Considered a NON-OZONE producing device by ASHRAE standards.

The filter has been tested in certified ASHRAE wind tunnel to perform at a MERV 16 level in a v-bank configuration at a face velocity of 500fpm

LEED compliant. The MERV rating coupled with the use of recyclable materials make it an ideal choice.

The EcoAirflow Model 2300 Electronic Air Cleaner is the best available commercial central air cleaning device using high efficiency carbon string filter media. This unique fiber has been perfected by the research and development team at EcoAirflow. High efficiency carbon string filter media dramatically improves filtration performance while protecting equipment energy efficiencies due to its low static pressure.

The  EcoAirflow Model 2300 Commercial Electronic Air Cleaner utilizes high efficiency carbon string filter media to capture and remove harmful airborne contaminants. This new innovation combines electronic polarization and ionization to safely and efficiently purify indoor air. It is the first time these two electronic processes have been used in combination to create high filtration efficiencies. 95%! The result is a remarkably safe, non-ozone producing, maintenance friendly air cleaner. The EcoAirflow Model 2300 continuously increases in efficiency to remove harmful lung damaging particles from your indoor air!

When it is installed in any central heating & cooling system, the EcoAirflow Model 2300 and its high efficiency carbon string filter media will provide you with worry free, air purifying performance, twenty four hours a day.


STANDARD SIZES 12" x 24" x 2" 20" x 20" x 2"
  16" x 20" x 2" 20" x 24" x 2"
  16" x 24" x 2" 20" x 25" x 2"
  16" x 25" x 2" 24" x 24" x 2"
  18" x 20" x 2" 24" x 25" x 2"
STANDARD SIZES (METRIC) 31cm x 61cm 51cm x 5lcm
  41cm x 51cm 5lcm x 6lcm
  41cm x 61cm 51cm x 64cm
  41cm x 64cm 6lcm x 61cm
  46cm x 51cm 61cm x 76cm
Special sizes, too!    

ECOairflow 2300 Performance Curve

  • High filtration efficiencies
  • Two cleaning processes
  • Easily retro-fitted
  • Energy efficient
  • Only 2 inches deep
  • Simple maintenance
  • High efficiency carbon string filter media
  • Tandem units together
  • Strong welded frame



Efficiency 95% to 1 micron* Up to MERV 12
Pressure Drop: 0. 30 in. WG. (75 pa)
Voltage: 24 Volts
Voltage range: 24V min. to 30 V max.
Input: Floating
Consumption: 2 watt
Current: 68 ma
Certifications: ETL
*FEATURES NEW high efficiency carbon string filter media!

The EcoAirflow Model 2300 is the best two inch, connectable, commercial air cleaner available to provide cleaner, fresher indoor air. "Engineered for Health" the EcoAirflow Model 2300, easily retro-fits into any existing HVAC air handler to provide you with higher air filtration efficiencies, particularly in the sub-micron range which is the most hazardous to your health. Many large, well recognized, Heating and Air Conditioning companies have made the change to the EcoAirflow Model 2300.

We are happy to work with property managers and consulting engineers to manufacture filters specifically designed to meet plan requirements.

Please call or E-mail for prices on oversize and non-standard sizes! 

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