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Advanced Electronic Air Filtration Systems by

ECOairflow manufactures technologically improved versions of the CIMATEC line of home and commercial electrostatic and electronic air filter systems. ECOairflow electronic filter systems feature a safer power-head that is guarded against short circuits and super efficient U.S.A. manufactured, weave bonded 16.5 gram weight filter material. These fine air filters are suited for use in manufacturing, medical, and other technical environments, and of course your home -- anywhere dust is a problem. We offer:

ECOairflow DYNAMO Residential Furnace Filter System and Replacement Filter Media Pads


Model 1500 home air filter system with a Model 6000 air filter booster and a one year supply of filter media free. SPECIAL PRICE $349.95!

ECOairflow Model 1000 Electronic In Furnace Air Filter Formerly the Airscreen 1000

ECOairflow Model 1010 Contractor Grade In Furnace Air Filter

ECOairflow Model 1500 Electronic In Furnace Air Filter Formerly the Aircleen 1500

 Model 6000 Electronic Filter Enhancer Probe

ECOairflow Model 2300 Commercial Electronic Panel Air Filter Formerly the Airscreen 2300

Replacement Filter Media  Now with 4 filter changes per pack! 

Please note that the posted prices are the manufactures suggested retail prices. Dealer and quantity purchase inquiries are always welcome.


Please read the linked pages carefully as some upgrades may easily be accomplished by home owners. For example the Model 1000, 1010 and 1500 air filters may fit into your furnace's existing filter slot. Other upgrades may require extensive duct rework and electrical wiring modifications. 

New installations of ECOairflow filters in home furnace systems are best left to trained furnace technicians. Amateur do-it-your-selfers may improperly install this equipment violating local building codes and voiding the manufacturers warranty.  When in doubt consult your local furnace company, they may already be ECOairflow dealers, if not please refer them to this web site.

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