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Lead & Other Toxic Metals In Industry

Lead is a toxic heavy metal used in the past to make paint, ceramics, and plumbing products. Lead is dangerous, it can cause severe health problems, and in the case of large doses even death. In buildings most lead is ingested by mouth by small children, thus for them lead is a significant cause of mental retardation and illness. ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL employs licensed subcontractor lead inspectors to determine the extent of lead paint contained within buildings using X-Ray XRF instruments or lead paint samples analyzed by a third party laboratory . ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL Industrial Hygienist use quick inexpensive on-site and laboratory tests to determine if lead is present in paint or ceramic food service items; and can advise you how to remove lead from the building and refer exposed individuals to medical doctors for care. Lead in drinking water supplies can be tested for by ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL technicians per the EPA lead in water testing procedure. In addition the technician will have on-site test kits to identify lead components in plumbing systems so that they can be replaced in a timely manner. Also, ANILINE ENVIRONMENTAL has developed comprehensive industrial hygiene and safety programs for foundries, smelters, and other industries that use heavy metals. These programs include sampling of the air and surfaces, effective procedures, employee training, and specification of engineering controls to meet state-of-the-art as well as OSHA and EPA requirements.

In addition to lead, cadmium and chromium is used in the plating industry and requires industrial hygiene measures to control employee exposure.

We also help our clients work with beryllium copper which has many aerospace, military, and automotive applications.

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