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The ECOairflow Model 7000 Booster  DISCONTINUED 12/2020

ELECTRONIC AIR FILTER ENHANCER                 ETL CertifiedETL Ceritified!

ECOairflow Model 6000

 Model 7000 Installation Instructions

One beneficial effect of using the ECOairflow Model 7000 Filter Enhancer is the abundance of beneficial negative ions it produces. In the average home these ions find their way into the air return ducts where they charge entrained dust particles. Since the conventional furnace filter is positively charged, the negatively charged dust particles adhere quit nicely.

Enter the EcoAirflow Model 7000 Filter Enhancer a device that is designed to increase the filtering efficiency of any furnace filter, to include the excellent excellent ECOairflow Model1000, 1010, 1500 & DYNAMO series electronic furnace filters. The ECOairflow Model 7000 is for general use and  for use with the Model 2300 Commercial Air Filter and other commercial air filter systems.

The ECOairflow Model 7000 Filter Enhancer is an ion generator designed to charge particles upstream from a filter to enhance the filters ability to collect particulate. Designed to be used in a commercial HVAC systems, it effectively turned a non-electronic filter into an electronic one. It is currently used to help purify the air in most casinos in North America.

It can also be used in conjunction with and ECOairflow or competitive electronic filter to increase the performance of any electronic filter as well.

Features of the Model 7000 Booster include:

How does it work?

Installing an ECOairflow Model 7000 in your central heating/cooling system will enhance your systems' efficiency dramatically. The natural electrophoretic effect produced by the unit significantly improves the removal of dust, dander, fungus spores, and bacteria that can damage your health.

In fact the ECOairflow Model 7000 is virtually maintenance free. It is easily installed in minutes by a competent HVAC technician or a knowledgeable home owner.

We are happy to work with property managers and consulting engineers to suggest configurations specifically designed to meet plan requirements.

Enhance your HVAC systems air quality with an ECOairflow Model 7000 Filter Enhancer today - and enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air.


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