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New Products available include:

EcoAirflow Model 2301 for heat pumps.

EcoAirflow LogoModel 2301

New Model 2301 heat pump filter for Climatemaster Trilogy, Water Furnace and other brands. Uses a powerful Model 1000 powerhead and super efficient Model 1010 carbon string filter media. EcoAirflow Model 2301 30"x32"x2", comes seperately or bundled awith Model 6000 Filter Enhancer and FREE! pack of filter media.

What's New!
Wild'Erb Salve   "Heals chapped hands fast!"  

Heal hands the natural way! Wild'Erb Salve is a thick, emollient balm designed specifically for dry damaged skin, chapped hands, split fingers and cuticles. Your face and feet will benefit too! Made from all natural ingredients, including: Shea, Mango & Avacodo butters, Apricot kernal, Jojoba, Hemp, Avacodo, Emu, Neem & Grapeseed Oils, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Lanolin, Liquid Paraffin Oil, and the Wild'Erb essential oil fragrance blend of native Ohio herbs. The convenient 1/2 ounce stick efficiently applies this wonderful salve.

  New Air Filtration Products available include:
  ECOairflow DYNAMO Residential Furnace Filter System and Replacement Filter Media Pads
This new media gives excellent performance in our new DYNAMO filter and Dynamic, MicroPowerGuard, XenonPowerGuard and Duct Medic brand filter systems.
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Other fine products are:

ECOairflow Model 1000 Electronic In Furnace Air Filter

ECOairflow Model 1010 Contractor Grade In Furnace Air Filter

ECOairflow Model 1500 Electronic In Furnace Air Filter

ECOairflow Model 6000 Electronic Filter Enhancer Probe

ECOairflow Model 2300 Commercial Electronic Panel Air Filter

EcoAirflow Model 7000 Commercial Filter Enhancer Probe

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